Make a Tribute to, or Share a Golden Memory of, a Loved One

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Is there someone in your life that you associate with Denton Community Theatre? Perhaps you have fond memories of a loved one who was involved?

It would be our honor to post your thoughts and a photograph of your loved one, a friend or that special moment on our web site. See the form below to post, at no cost, your own Tribute to a friend or loved one.

All fields will be entered on the web site exactly as they are entered. Please double check for errors. 

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You will get information on getting your photo to us after submitting your tribute. 

DCT Memories Page Terms of Use 

  • Editing the entry, once submitted, is not possible. Please double check for errors. 
  • An entry can be deleted by the sender or a family member requesting deletion via email.
  • Of course any foul, abusive, degrading or otherwise harmful language or images is prohibited.
  • Denton Community Theatre reserves the right to refuse or remove a submission.
  • All entries are submitted to a queue for approval and should be live within two business days.
  • If you answered Yes above, Denton Community Theatre may display your entry not only on our web site but also possibly as a feature in the theatre lobby and/or other locations within our building.