Black Box Theatre

Experimental and progressive theatre is on the rise in Dallas-Fort Worth, and Denton Community Theatre is happy to be home to some of the best. The POINTBank Black Box Theatre space, made possible by the Denton Record-Chronicle, features Denton’s most independent and experimental theatre. Up-and-coming writers, directors, and actors are showcased at Black Box Theatre, along with our yearly Method & Madness New Play Festival.

The Black Box Theatre is an intimate theatre space, perfect for a variety of performances. Come enjoy a new play from a soon-to-be superstar playwright, or watch some of Denton’s most talented directors hone their craft in action.

The Black Box Theatre space is also available for rental to the public, and makes an excellent venue for parties and events. For more information on renting the Black Box Theatre, please contact the Box Office at (940) 382-7014.

To purchase tickets to Black Box Theatre performances, please visit the Black Box Box Office. Tickets for these performances will be available prior to the show’s opening date at the Box Office from 1pm-5pm, Monday through Friday. General admission tickets to each performance are $15.

It’s uses include:

  • DCT rehearsal space
  • DCT Theatre School
  • Lona Wolfe Costume Closet
  • DCT Productions
  • Method & Madness New Play Festival (for more information, please see the Method & Madness page of this site)

Black Box Theatre is also available for rental to the community. Contact the Black Box Office for information.


2014 – 2015 Shows

General Admission tickets are $15 and are available at Campus Box Office (M-F 1p to 5p) prior each show’s  opening and at the Black Box door 1 hour prior to the performance.  Fri. & Sat. performances are at 7:30pm Sun. performances are at 2:00pm.


Black Box Theatre - Mercy SeatThe Mercy Seat by Neil LaBute

Oct. 31, Nov. 1, 2014 – 7:30pm    –    Nov. 2, 2014 – 2:00pm

Ben worked at the World Trade Center but on Sept. 11, 2001 he was away from his office with his mistress. He is sure that his family must believe that he perished in the tragedy. Ben uses the calamity to ponder the possibility of running away with his lover to begin a new life. For mature audiences.

Individual tickets on sale Sep. 15, 2014


Black Box Theatre - The Food ChainThe Food Chain by Nicky Silver

Feb. 6, 7, 2015 – 7:30pm   –   Feb. 8, 2015 – 2:00pm

A high-strung poet calls a crisis hotlime when her husband of three weeks has been missing for the last two. The wacky volunteer she reaches is hilarious, but not particularly helpful. Meanwhile, a vain male model is plagued with a junk food “junkie” stalker. This award-winning comedy highlights modern society’s emotional food chain and its obsession with beauty, sex, food and fashion using riotously wicked humor. For mature audiences.

Find more details about The Food Chain here.


Black Box Theatre - A Feminine EndingA Feminine Ending by Sarah Treem

Mar. 27, 28, 2015 – 7:30pm   –   Mar. 29, 2015 – 2:00pm

Amanda is on track to have a thriving career as a classical composer and musician, but the forces of parental expectations, a boyfriend who is just about to become a pop superstar and an encounter with a high school beau threaten to derail her carefully laid plans, the bittersweet comedy looks at love lost and trusting a woman’s voice in a world controlled by men. For mature audiences.

Get more information about A Feminine Ending at this link.


Black Box Theatre - Take TenTake Ten: 10 Minute Play Festival

July 31, Aug. 1, 2015 – 7:30pm   –   Aug. 2,2015 – 2:00pm

A fun event of quick takes on a variety of subjects by award winning playwrights. There is bound to be something for just about everyone. Come and celebrate theatre’s short form! These are rarely seen jewels that you won’t want to miss. From drama to comedy, these pieces grab your attention and get to the point quickly. Sometimes less really is more. For mature audiences.

For more information on Take Ten: 10 Minute Play Festival, click the link here.


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